Internet Packages 2019 | 2G, 3G, 4G Packages [2019]

Internet Packages 2019

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internet packages 2019

Welcome to our website, on this website we provide our users with the latest internet packages of all the different telecom networks of Pakistan. Our team has made extensive research in finding the packages. These packages are updated daily.

In the past few years, Pakistan has made a huge effort to compete toe to toe with all the top companies in the world and I’m proud to say that Pakistan is now one of the best countries in the internet speed index, that certainly doesn’t mean our work is done. NO! we still have to go a long mile to get Pakistan the position it deserves in the internet speed index.

For now, you can see these latest internet packages 2019.

Telenor Internet Packages

telenor internet packages

Telenor is one of the fastest growing companies in Pakistan, with their headquarters in Norway Telenor is providing telecommunication services to around 6 countries now. Countries include Pakistan, India etc.

Telenor was started in 1885 as the first telecommunication company in an almost noncompetitive user hungry market where they had all the chances in the world to write the fate of their company the way they wanted.

The initial name of Telenor was Telegrafverket and they first started providing services in Norway and now they have their branches across 7 counties and to me, that’s one hell of an achievement. We have curated a list of packages which you can get by clicking the button below.

Zong Internet Packages

Zong was the first network in Pakistan which provided 2G,3G,4G services at the same time. Zong has invested a lot in its infrastructure and its the only network which is working in the northern areas of Pakistan. Zong has almost one thousand towers from Islamabad till the China border making it the best telecom network of Pakistan. The northern people are very happy with Zong because of their seamless connectivity with the mainstream cities.

As I told you earlier Zong’s major usage is in the north of Pakistan but people in mainstream cities such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad have started to like their unbeatable 4G speeds and have ported from other networks to Zong. On top of that Zong is giving services on much cheaper rates than all the competitors that’s why more people are becoming interested in Zong.

We ourselves have curated a list of Packages to help you make the decision of who’s the best in terms of pricing, you can see those internet packages by clicking the button below.

Jazz Internet Package

Jazz Internet Package

Since Jazz’s merger with Warid, their customers have grown a lot. We would like to point out that it was the most expensive merger in the history of telecommunications industry but if see their consumer strength after this we can say that it was a calculated risk by the people at Jazz.

After the merger consumer can opt for any package they want either they were offered by Jazz or Warid that’s why we have covered Jazz/Waried internet packages on our website which you see by clicking the button below.

And if you are a regular customer of Jazz you should know that Mobilink internet package is the same thing. Jazz is now offering 2G,3G,4G internet package.

Ufone Internet Package

ufone internet packages

Ufone has the biggest user database as compared to all the telecommunication networks of Pakistan but to be honest their service quality is nothing like the competitors. They started under PTCL back in 2001 and is one of the best projects of PTCL.

Later Ufone was incorporated on its own removing all the ties from the parent company so that no one could blame PTCl for the wrongdoings of Ufone. Ufone signal quality is not the best in even the mainstream cities of Pakistan. The author himself was a user of Ufone before switching to other networks just because he couldn’t get enough signals of Ufone even in his home in Lahore.

But we understand you might be forced to use their services or you might be satisfied with Ufone coverage anyway we have compelled a list of latest internet packages which might interest you.