Jazz MMS & Internet Settings 2019

jazz internet settings 2019

These days when you insert any sim into your phone it automatically downloads all the setting from Parent company which are required, but sometimes that doesn’t happen that’s why we bring you with a guide on How to install Jazz Internet Setting into your mobile phone.

Internet settings are basically a configuration required to enable the internet onto your smartphone so without further waste of time lets jump into the guide.

Jazz Internet Settings For Android

  • On your android phone go to settings
  • After opening settings go to Wireless & Networks
  • Then select Mobile Networks and go to Access Point Names
  • Click on add new access point and put the following details into it:
  1. In the APN field type : wap.mobilinkworld.com
  2. Leave the username and password field blank
  3. Authentication type: Normal
  4. Proxy Server Address:
  5. Port: 8080
  6. Connection type: http
  7. MCC: 410

After doing exactly as said above save the setting and restart your mobile phone you would be able to use the internet after that!

Jazz Internet Settings For iPhone

    • Go to the settings

    • After that go to Cellular

    • In the cellular settings go to Cellular Data Network

    • And put the following details into the fields

    1. APN: Warid
    2. Leave username and password field blank
    3. In the MMS APN section type: MMS.WARID
    4. leave the username and password field blank
    5. In MMSC type:
    6. In MMS Proxy type:
    7. MMS Max Message Size: 307200
    8. Leave the MMS UA Prof Url empty
    9. In personal hotspot type APN as: Warid
    10. and leave rest of the field blank

After doing this restart your iPad or iPhone and you would be able to use the internet easily. Now you can subscribe to any Jazz Internet Package you want with the ease of mind.

If the internet still doesn’t work after performing these steps type the issues you are facing in the comment field below and our team would be more than happy to help you.

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